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Local Area: Topsham, Clyst St George and Ebford


Topsham is a beautiful former port town of Exeter on the east side of the River Exe, now a part of Exeter itself. While Topsham benefits from such close proximity to the centre of Exeter, its quiet and winding streets show its true colours: a fascinating blend of suburban and rural, shot through with the history of its trade and its people.

Topsham is an ideal town on many fronts, whether you are looking for a quiet and intimate village atmosphere or seeking a lively and interesting town life.

Exploring the Town

The Quay is characterised by the boats moored alongside it and its beautiful views across the estuary. It is also home to the Quay Antique Centre and the Lighter Inn, which has plenty of outdoor seating for quiet drinks on summer evenings.

Ferry Road is one of the most picturesque of Topsham's streets, and is home to Topsham Sailing Club. The Passage House Inn has outdoor seating with views across the river, and the Topsham Ferry crosses the Exe to Topsham Lock, part of the Exeter Ship Canal. From here you can walk to the Turf Hotel, a popular destination for families, and one of the few pubs in the UK which cannot be accessed by car.

St Margaret's Church (Church of England) is on Fore Street, with a path through the church grounds leading to stone stairs that descend to Ferry Road. Topsham also has a Catholic church (Holy Cross Parish Church) and a Methodist church.

The Globe Hotel, Fore Street, is one of Topsham's focal points, very popular among residents and visitors alike. Dating from 1700, it was restored in the late 1970s to full status as a hotel. It features a large bar and lounge area as well as a restaurant, where you can relax and enjoy food, drink and good company.

Amenities and Services

High Street and Fore Street are both filled with interesting and unique shops, pubs, restaurants and cafés as well as essentials such as two pharmacies, a local butcher, greengrocer and mini-supermarket.

Topsham School provides education for children in years 1-6 as well as a Foundation Stage Unit for nursery age children.

Topsham has two medical practices: the Topsham Surgery on Holman Way, close to the train station, and Glasshouse Medical Centre (Glasshouse Lane, Countess Wear). In town, the Whyte House clinic runs a private dental and cosmetic facial care practice.

Topsham Recreation Ground is situated at the end of Ferry Road, next to the river. It has lots of space for ball games, a large playground for small children, and a mini skate park.

The village hall is located on the High Street, hosting a Saturday market as well as many other community events throughout the year. Topsham's heated outdoor swimming pool is next door, and is open from May to September.

Transport and Accessibility

Topsham is ten minutes from the M5 by car, and fifteen minutes by road and rail to Exeter City Centre. Trains on the Avocet line run from Topsham Station towards Exeter or Exmouth.

Clyst St George, Ebford and Darts Farm

To the east of Topsham, Clyst St George lies on the Exmouth Road (A376), with the village of Ebford to the south. Clyst St George has a cricket club, and the St George and Dragon Inn is on the intersection between the A376 and the Topsham road.

Between Topsham and Clyst St George you will find Darts Farm, a popular local food retailer and shopping village surrounded by farmland from where its fresh produce is sourced. Over the years it has grown from a small farm shop into a large and modern complex that incorporates a food hall, a nationally recommended fishmonger (the Fish Shed), a restaurant, deli and bakery and many homeware and clothing retailers.

Darts Farm was recently awarded Britain's 'Best Local Food Retailer' by the BBC.

Other towns and villages along the Exe Estuary.



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